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The PIRO® PCR Package

provides a full range of accessories usually needed for PCR applications. A volume range from 1 µl to 180 µl can be transferred with high accuracy using the pipetting head 200 included in this package. Racks and adapters for PCR plates and single vessels (e.g. Eppendorf or Sarstedt) are part of the  PIRO® PCR package as well. Particular racks for thermocyclers (LightCycler®, SmartCycler®, Rotor-GeneQ®) are optionally available.  You can add UV-decontamination, HEPA filter or a cooling solution to your PIRO® PCR package.

We offer the right solution for your application.

PIRO Pipetting Robot PCR Package

1x P100314
Pipetting Head 200

3x P100317
Tip Rack

2x P100318
Plate Rack 1 Grid 96 Well

2x P100319
Plate Rack 1

1x P100417
Plate Rack 2

1x P100323
Tube Rack F Bottom 7 Well

1x P100487
Tube Rack 8 Well

1x P100321
Waste Rack

1x P100322
Waste Channel