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4s3™ Heat Sealer

The 4s3™ Heat Sealer  is a semi-automatic sheet heat sealer which is compatible with a wide range of seals and plates of differing designs and heights. The Operation is simple: Plate and seal are placed on the holder, the "Operate" button pressed and the drawer automatically closes. The sealing process is controlled by an electric mechanism.

  • Automatic sealing process for unmatched sealing consistency
  • Simple, single button operation
  • Rapid heating element for fast start up
  • Real-time temperature display
  • Auto stand-by function to save energy
  • Auto switch off function for added safety
  • RS-232 serial port enables full integration with robotic automation systems
  • Compatible with a wide variety of consumables
  • Low temperature sealing for use with adhesive seals
  • Small footprint 

4s3™ Heat Sealer

Adapterset 4s3™ Heat Sealer