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Pipetting Robot Made in Germany

More cutting-edge technology, more reliability

The PIRO® is made in Germany. More precisely in Bavaria, Lindau close to lake Constance. Over there, where Peter Dornier in 1950, son of the legendary aeronautical pioneer Claude Dornier established the Dornier Lindau GmbH. Since 2011 the automated pipetting system is manufactured, calibrated and refined at this place.

DORNIER LabTech Systems took on the enthusiasm for quality, sturdiness, reliability and precision of his parent company. Besides their experiences in robotics, they also took advantage of the long-standing relationships with German suppliers.

The designers of the PIRO® avoided the use of high-maintenance or weak parts. That way the laboratory robot works without using a fan. The advanced firmware and latest electronic technology make the pipetting robot being vibration-free. In this way, maintenance is reduced to a minimum. Where appropriate metallic parts are used. The PIRO® overcomes, for this reason, crashes caused by operating errors. The PIRO® uses only 60 Watts of energy contributing to energy conservation.

At the laboratory, the PIRO® stands out as proper and amiable co-worker: Generating only 43 decibels he could barely be heard. The exchange of the pipetting heads only takes a few seconds without using any tools. The transparent hood is used as a colored status display, to show the actual state of the system. For your safety, the units stop as soon as you lift the hood.

The principle of sustainability is strongly anchored at DORNIER LabTech Systems. Consequence: long-lasting,  low maintenance and energy efficient products.

Interested in our reliable pipetting robot? Please do not hesitate to request a demo in your laboratory.

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