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Level Sensing

More control, more documentation safety

Many applications have a high demand from you being attentive and providing consistent documentation.

A source of errors is hidden within the used vessels: Does it contain really enough liquid for the whole run? Level Sensing – up to date a privileged function of high-end laboratory robots will provide you the assurance. The PIRO® detect the liquid level inside the vessel and informs you about the status.

In the case, the absence of liquid is detected, you will have different options: You can choose to continue the run, nevertheless, there is not enough liquid. You can refill the missing liquid. Or you can stop the run. Your decision will be documented in any case in the protocol which is CRF 21 conform. In this way, the PIRO® simplifies your GLP/GMP documentation.

Would you like a demo of this intelligent pipetting robot? Please contact us.

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