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Intuitive operating concept

More clarity, more intuitive working

The PIRO® pipetting system made by DORNIER offers a simple to use Drag & Drop software. You will be able to create an application program on your own within a few hours. Hassle-free usage of either complex applications or import and export functions is possible. 

You might have experienced the following facts with robotic systems. The liquid handling system was installed and the first application has been implemented together with the specialist of the manufacturer. Some time later the application program needed to be adopted. Even after many pieces of training, the application could only be adopted with the help of the expensive manufacturer hotline. The consequence of which is that the unit is used sporadically or only for high-throughput applications. For using small sample quantities or steady changing tasks the pipetting robot is too complex to change.

The engineers of DORNIER always had you, the user, in the mind's eye to development a system for your daily laboratory needs. The outcome, a software which constantly evolves but still enables the user to setup a new application within some minutes. An even challenging application will be created by yourself within minutes. In case you would be stocked we would be glad to help you free of charge. Templates can be exchanged thru email easily. 

Your suggestions for improvement are always welcome. If possible it will be integrated into a future update.

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