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16 Deck Positions

More racks, more options

With the PIRO® you can benefit from a lot of space on the deck. Providing tremendous flexibility. Processing 384-type plates is a frequent marketing argument for compact pipetting systems. However, you need more than 384 tips to process such plates because 5 deck positions are already reserved for the pipette tips. Positions for output samples, reagents, and dilution solutions are also required. In addition, you need a position for a disposal container for the used tips too.

This is why most small robots only provide six to nine positions. This means: Your application cannot be realized without refilling the tips.

The PIRO®  provides to you 16 deck positions. Nine of these are full-size SBS. The other seven positions can be used for additional tips, reagents and dilution solutions. The tips are not disposed of elsewhere, the  PIRO® provides a unique waste channel.

You would like to get to know the pipetting robot with so much space? Let’s arrange a demonstration in your laboratory. 

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